About Us

Greetings from Rising International!

Rising International would like to thank you for choosing our company as one of your suppliers, and promoting our products from the Himalayan country Nepal. Rising International is a leading importing company of Nepalese handmade women and men’s clothing, handicraft, and accessories.

Rising International Inc. is a US-based company trying its best to create a brand name on Nepalese handmade clothing. This company has flourished the traditional arts and creativity on clothing focusing on a new era of fashion. It has also promoted the job opportunities of Nepalese women providing hand works at home and supporting the local community for their financial growth. 

Nepalese handmade clothing, handicrafts, and accessories not only have historical and cultural significance, but also economic viability. We are putting our best efforts for introducing Nepalese handmade products to the international market. Rising International, an umbrella organization, is the result of this attempt. We believe that the Nepalese handmade clothing and handicrafts owe its genesis to us. We have the vision of expanding Nepalese handmade products with fair trade ethics in the international market and popularizing them.

Rising International offers the immense variety of clothing with good quality. Furthermore, the company always pays attention to the customers’ best satisfaction and continued relation for promoting the mutual business.